The MyTrips Terms and Conditions are reviewed and revised periodically without fixed dates. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all services directly or indirectly (through distributors), which are advertised on our website and are online for any of our sites. Our website can be accessed through any mobile or fixed device, since it allows access to the internet, allowing users the possibility to place information about their offerings or to consult the information to make reservations. By accessing, browsing and using our website or any of our applications through platform (hereinafter referred to as the "website") and / or completing a reservation, you accept and consent that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned below ( including the Privacy Policy).

These pages, the content and infrastructure and online accommodation booking service provided on these pages and through this website (the "MyTrips") are the property of MyTrips Ltd, based in Portugal. Our services are made available for your personal, non-commercial use subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.


 1.  Our Service


Through this website the MyTrips provides an online platform through which all types of temporary accommodation or experiences (eg, hotels, motels, hostels, holiday apartments and accommodation bed and breakfast, collectively the (s) " accommodation (s), "and also all kinds of experiences as spas, golfe, restaurants, events, shows, among others, collectively referred to as the (s)" experiences "). On our website owners can advertise their rooms or their experiences to booking and website visitors can make their reservations, according to your preference. When making a reservation via Mytrips, enter a direct contractual relationship (legal relationship) with the accommodation or experience which makes booking. From the moment the reservation is made, we act only as intermediaries between their person and property, or experience, transmitting the details of your reservation to accommodation or experience in question and sending them an e-mail confirmation on accommodation name or experience.
In providing our services, the information that we disclose is based on the information provided by the owners of accommodation or experiences. As such, the accommodation or experiences, they have access to a management area, through which they become totally responsible for updating rates, availability and other information which is displayed on our website. Although we analyze and correct with reasonable care the information provided by our service, we will not verify nor can we guarantee that all information is accurate, complete or correct, nor can we be held responsible for any errors (including manifest and spelling errors), any interruptions (whether for temporary and / or partial breakdown, repair, upgrade or maintenance of our website or otherwise), inaccurate, misleading or false information or failed delivery. Every owner of property and experience remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of information (descriptive) displayed on our website (including the rates and availability). Our website does not constitute and should not be viewed as a recommendation or endorsement of quality, level of service, qualification or classification (star) of any accommodation or experiences available.
The ratings given in the comments of our customers shall be readied as their personal opinion and not as a criterion of accuracy based on assessment procedures services.
Our services are available for personal, non-commercial use only. Therefore, it is not permitted to sell, make a link, use, copy, monitor (eg spider, scrape), display, download or reproduce any content or information, software, products or services available on our website for any business or commercial purpose or competition.


 2.  Best Price Guaranteed


The prices on our website are guaranteed, if you find any better price for same accommodation or experience, you will be repaid (read Best Price Guaranteed). All prices on our website are displayed including VAT and all other taxes (such taxes are subject to change), unless expressed otherwise on our website or in the email confirmation.
We work every day for you pay the lowest price on your accommodation booking or experience. Where to find what you booked, advertised at a lower price with the same conditions of supply and reserve equate the offer price announced but within the terms and conditions of the Best Price Guarantee.
In currency conversion should take into account that your exchange is purely informational and should not be considered definitive, because the rates of currency conversion may fluctuate in a short time.


 3.  Privacy

For MyTrips is very important your privacy and security. You should consult our Privacy Policy page for more information.


 4.  Free

We do not charge any additional fee for bookings from your accommodation or your experience. Our service is free for you.


 5.  Payment on arrival, Paypal or bank transfer

In MyTrips is possible that some accommodation or experiences are available for booking without being previously paid. Accommodation reservations or experience have the following payment options available:
• payment upon arrival - In the payment of the reservation is made at check-in.
• Payment by bank transfer - When making your reservation request will be to him a percentage of the value of your booking, to be paid in the next 48 hours by bank transfer.
• Payment by Paypal - Choosing this option will be provided information to you in order to immediately effect the transfer of part of a Paypal account.
The MyTrips website has been designed to bring greater security for their transactions, so only chose these forms of payment because they are considered those with a lower risk and greater security for themselves.


 6.  Cancellation


When booking an accommodation or experience, accept and agree to our terms of cancellation, and any additional terms and conditions (provision) the accommodation or experiences that may apply to your reservation, including the services and / or products offered the accommodation or experience (the terms and conditions of supply of the accommodation or experience can be consulted or obtained here). The general cancellation and no show of accommodation or experience bookings are available on our website. During the booking process and email confirmation, please note that certain rates or special offers cannot be cancelled or changed. Please also carefully check the room description or experience you are interested before making your reservation. Also note that a reservation requires payment of an entry (partial or total) or prepayment may be cancelled (without warning or notification) to the extent that the value (rest) cannot be charged in full on the payment date relevant, in accordance with the terms of payment attributable booking. The late payment, wrong bank, or insufficient funds are your own risk and for this reason, will not be entitled to claim any refund of prepayments (non-refundable), unless the owner of the accommodation or experience agree or allow this exception its conditions of (pre) payment and cancellation.
If you wish to review, adjust or cancel your reservation, please refer to the confirmation email and follow the instructions accordingly. Please note that accommodation may charge you a cancellation, (pre) payment and non-attendance at the lodge, according to the conditions prevailing in the housing; or it may not be entitled to any refund of amounts paid (pre). We recommend that you carefully read the cancellation policy, (pre) payment and non-attendance of the accommodation before making your reservation.


 7.  Additional Terms and Conditions

When making your booking you agree this Terms and Conditions and receive an email confirmation with dates, payment, payment information and information about accommodation or experience. We may be sent an e-mail to other offers or promotions, if you have opted to receive such information.

 8.  Reviews and customer rating

After completing your stay or experience, will be available in your reserved area, a short questionnaire which allows to obtain an opinion on your reservation. Allowing collect information that enables future users of our website, the possibility of obtain in multiple offers more information of those offers, so they can decide on those with fit on the expectations. It should be noted that the comments are made for six service areas: staff, cleanliness, location, amenities, comfort, price / quality ratio. Potentially make two brief comments, with a positive (in which elects the best of the trip) and a negative (as it refers to what they dislike). After approval of the reviews of our guests, a grid with all the items classification is available and will be assigned a score of zero to ten, which is no more than the average score of multiple items. Gathering this information is done by filling in a form that will be subsequently approved and published, for a detailed information or more information of the room or experience.
The customer comments made and approved may be (partially) used and placed by MyTrips in its sole discretion (ex: for reasons of marketing, promotion or improvement of our service) on our website or social networking, newsletters platforms, special promotions, apps or other channels owned by MyTrips, used or controlled by MyTrips. The MyTrips reserves the right to adjust, refuse or remove reviews at our discretion. The form of customer feedback should be viewed as an opinion poll not including any offers, invitations or any incentive to purchase services.

 9.  Disclaimer

The limitations set forth in these terms and conditions and to the extent permitted by law, MyTrips only be liable for direct damages actually suffered, paid or incurred by you due to an attributable failure of our obligations in respect of our services, up to a total value of overall cost of your reservation as specified in the confirmation email (whether an accommodation or an experience).
However, within the limits allowed by law, neither we nor any of our employees, directors, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, distributors, partners (distribution) affiliates, licensees, agents or others involved in creating, sponsoring , promoting, or otherwise making available the website and its contents be liable for:
• For any damages or punitive, special, indirect or consequential loss, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of or damage to influence or reputation, loss of the right to compensation;
• For any incorrectness for the (descriptive) information (including rates, availability and ratings) of the accommodation and experience appear as available on our website;
• In the services or products offered by the accommodation or experiences;
• For any damages (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive), or losses incurred, costs incurred or paid by you, as resulting from or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay of our website;
• For any damage (personal), death, property damage, or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or incurred, incurred or paid by you fees, whether due to (legal) acts, errors, breaches , neglect (grave), willful misconduct, omissions, non-performance, false information, or absolute liability offense by or attributable (wholly or partially) to the housing (its employees, directors, management, agents, representatives or affiliated companies), including any cancellation (partial), overbooking, strike, force majeure or any other event that escape our control.
If the accommodation or experience had collect (or charged) your reservation or we make easier the payment of the value of their reservation, you agree and accept that the responsibility for the collection, retention, deduction and payment of taxes on total amount of your reservation, to the relevant tax authorities, is the owner or experience. The company Mytrips is not responsible for the collection, retention, deduction or payment of taxes to the total value of the room to the relevant tax authorities.

 10.  Intellectual Property Rights

Unless establish otherwise, the software required for our services, available or used by our website and the intellectual property rights (including copyright) of the content, information and material on our website are property of MyTrips Lda .
MyTrips has exclusive ownership of all rights, title and interest in and to (all intellectual property rights) (the design and appearance (including infrastructure)) the website on which the service is provided (including customer feedback and translated) content and therefore does not grant you any right to copy, alter, (make a deep or hyper) link, publish, promote, advertise, market, integrate, use, combine or otherwise use any content (including all translations and customer feedback) or our brand without our express written permission. As we use (fully or partially) our Content (including translated and customer feedback) or will, to the extent permitted, to have ownership of any intellectual property or content on the website (translated) or in the comments of customers, now agrees to grant, transfer and convey all intellectual property MyTrips. Any illegal use of all actions or behaviors mentioned above will constitute a material breach of our intellectual property rights (including the rights to the database and copyright).

 11.  General provisions

The extent permitted by law, these terms and conditions and the completion of our services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and any dispute arising out of these general Terms and Conditions and our services shall be submitted to the competent courts of the district of Cascais, in Portugal.
The original Portuguese version of these Terms and Conditions may have been translated into English languages. The translated version is a courtesy and office translation only, which may not take any rights. In the event of a dispute about the contents or interpretation of these terms and conditions or inconsistency or discrepancy between the Portuguese version and any other version language of these terms and conditions, the Portuguese version shall prevail and be conclusive to the extent permitted by law. The Portuguese version is available on our website (by selecting the Portuguese language) or you will be sent, if requested in writing if you wish.
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non binding, remain bound by all other provisions hereof. Then such invalid provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law, and agree, at least, to accept a similar manner to the invalid, unenforceable or non-binding provision effect, taking into account the content and purpose of these Terms and Conditions.

 12.  About MyTrips

The online reservation service are provided by MyTrips, Ltd., which is a private company, with limited liability incorporated under the laws of Portugal, based in Carcavelos, with registration number 510971504 trading, with tax identification number PT510971504.
MyTrips has its headquarters in Portugal, in the town of Carcavelos, Lisbon Regionl. The MyTrips not accept or assume any address anywhere else, place and office in the world, other than their registered office in Carcavelos.