1 - How can I make my accommodation reserve?


It’s very easy make a reservation at MyTrips.

a) You should place your destination. Note that when filling fields appears by default names suggested by the Website. You must select the destination you want from those suggested.
b) If you already know which dates you want for your journey, you should set these dates on the calendar (Check-In and Check-Out).
Should put the number of adults and children (children are considered those between the ages of 2 and 12 years). Children aged 0-2 years are considered infants, overall not charged Lodging, since sleep with the country. Some units may provide free or additional charge cots. You should consult in detail the information Lodge.
c) Finally just click the Search button.
d) The MyTrips website will list the available region that you have requested. You can also use the sorting (by name Ascending or Descending and Ascending and Descending the price), or by Rates Night, by Star Rating or Accommodation Type.
e) Just click on “Book Now” button to start the reservation process that will be immediate. Must see carefully the information provided by the Accommodation and then set the number of rooms and click Book.
f) After that you only have to register (or if you are already a registered user, do your login) and select the form of payment and ends with the confirm button Reserve.

In case of doubt send us an email to: [email protected].

Please Note: It will be sent an email to you for confirmation of your reservation. You can manage your reservation in your reserved area, which becomes available after your registration.

2 - The number of persons should be included babies?

Babies from 0 to 2 years (at the time of occupying the accommodation) must stay free and should not be included as guests. Children between 2 and 12 years count for reservation: our Website allows you to specify the number of adults and children because in some Accommodations may have a special price for each.

3 - I want to make a reservation but I try Accommodation with a special feature. How can I do it?

The MyTrips allows a more detailed search of the available Accommodations in the Region. You can use the various filters that the Website offers to identify the intended Accommodation. If you have any questions do not hesitate to put her via email: [email protected]

4 - Accommodations offer sheets and towels?

Almost all rentals have sheets and towels. In the event that do not have them, you will be specified in the description of the accommodation, at room detail. To query just click on the room name, there is available information from the room. If you have any questions do not hesitate to put her via email: [email protected].

5 - I have a question about one of the characteristics of the Accommodation. What do I do?

The information about the Accommodation at MyTrips is the most complete of the market. You will find all the necessary information so that you can make a reservation knowing what you are booking.
The Website has been designed to be as easy, intuitive and fast at the market, because our goal is to give to the travelers the maximum information so they are able to make the best decision for their trip. However, if you have any questions do not hesitate to put her via email: [email protected].

6 - At what time I can get do my check-out (check-in and check-out)?


This information is available in the accommodation conditions. Some owners offer the possibility to enter (check-in) before or out (check out) after the stipulated hours by paying an extra fee for the service. If this possibility is not indicated in the Accommodation information do not hesitate to put this question by email: [email protected].


7 - How do I know if an accommodation has parking or have some nearby?


On the Accommodation information is an icon that tells you if the Accommodation has parking or not. Parking when available usually has the information of your day price or if it is provided free of charge. If in doubt do not hesitate to put this question by email: [email protected].

8 - I tried to book the accommodation but there are none available. What do I do?

It may be that we have not really accommodations on that area for those dates or number of persons, or :
• The minimum stay stipulated by the owners of the accommodations area's for those days, that you are looking for, is higher than those indicated.
• The days you specified are bigger and there are no any available accommodations for the entire day that you are looking for. In this case, you can repeat the search for fewer days, you may encounter one that can combine with another for the rest of the trip.
• The days indicated for a number of persons and there are no accommodations that can accommodate the number of guests. In this case you can also repeat the search with a smaller number of persons and you may encounter various Lodging near where your group can be spread.

9 - How I’ll receive confirmation of my reservation and the keys?

The confirmation of the reserve, you will receive by email at the address provided on the form of your reservation. In this confirmation you will receive:
• The exact address of the Accommodation.
• The information to contact the owner and the information about the location and the details of your reservation. From that moment may be put in touch with the accommodation if needed.
The MyTrips website offers to every traveler a reserved area where you can manage your reservations, your comments and access your information anywhere. Open an account does not bring any cost is free. It's also the easiest way to manage your trip. You can make your registration through: Traveler Registration

10 - What happens if I need to change or cancel my reservation?

If this case, see the Terms and Conditions. In point 6 find all the information on this issue. However, if you have any questions do not hesitate to put her via email: [email protected]

11 - Who should I ask for an invoice of my Trip?

The invoice must be requested directly to the accommodation, during your stay. With this you can get all the information about the values here considered. The accommodation or the contact person, shall print the corresponding invoice or, in default, the receipt of the value. Remember that you should call ahead so that they can prepare an Invoice according to your requested information.

12 - The total price includes all kinds of taxes?

Yes, all taxes are included except the tourist taxes and municipal taxes, which in some destinations may be required to Accommodation. Additional costs, if any, will be stated in the Accommodation information. These costs are according to the number of persons and length of stay. Do not forget that during your stay, you may also request services or consumption that will be included in your bill and were not contracted in your reservation. In this case you must request information from the Accommodation, if you need any proper clarification.

13 - Cleaning is included in the total price of Accommodation?

The costs of final cleaning of the accommodation are included in the total price unless otherwise stated in the particular conditions that are in the accommodation information.

14 - What is bond, deposit or security deposit?

The bond or security deposit is an amount of money that the Accommodation may request as collateral for the care and good use of the Accommodation (if applicable, will be specified in the "Details" Information). Otherwise there is no problem during your stay, and check that everything is in perfect condition, this money will be returned.

15 - How and when I paid?

When you make your reservation, you only have to pay the reservation value when prompted. Most Accommodations requests the payment of a small percentage of the Total Value of your stay. The rest will be paid when you do the check-in. The MyTrips Website offers 3 modes of prepayment.
- With PayPal;
- By bank transfer;
- Payment on arrival (at Check-in).
In the case of payment through PayPal, the payment is instantaneous and received an email message. Your reservation will be immediately confirm, you will find the contact Accommodation information and following instructions and information. In case of payment by bank transfer also receive an email message with the instructions to make payment, but your reservation will not be confirmed until the Accommodation receives proof of your payment.


16 - How will I receive the invoice of the reservation?

The invoice for the reservation is provided by Accommodation. Must request at the Accommodation or will be provided during your stay.

17 - I have paid the reservation deposit. I pay something more before reaching the Accommodation?

When you made your reservation sometimes the Accommodation requires a pré-payment in the amount (which can range from 1% to 100% of your stay, depending on the commercial policy of each Accommodation). In such cases and after your payment of the amount requested the Accommodation can’t request more payments until you do the check-in. There you should be paid the remaining amount of your trip. It is very important that the traveler know the payment terms of the pre-payment and make de payments has according to that calendar, because only in that case the reservation can be guaranteed by Accommodation.

18 - The MyTrips website is a reservation system secure?

The MyTrips website does not collect information that put your safety insecure, because only colecte information that is authorized to be disclose by the users. Never and at any time the MyTrips website ask for, or authorize operations of payments or receipts or charges of any kind. The MyTrips website offers only unclassified information and authorized by the users, such as the offer of Accommodation by the owners and the contact information to provide a reservation service to Travelers. At any time, if any of the users, on the process of a reservation, feel that are being requested other information that are inappropriate, should immediately contact the support service via e-mail to: [email protected]

19 - What is the difference between the amount of the reserve and the total price of the?

The Reserve Value is what you pré-pay to guarantee your reservation. With this payment the Accommodation is guarantee for these dates and your reservation is guaranteed. You can pay using PayPal account or by bank transfer. The value may or may not be refundable, depending on the cancellation policies of the accommodation. The total value of your stay is the amount you must pay to the owner of Accommodation, according to the conditions laid down by it. Payment terms are specified in the plug accommodation and the completion of the reservation page. Total value is the sum of the value of your stay and the remaining amount payable on arrival.

20 - What happens to my personal data?

The MyTrips website complies with current legislation on data protection matters, so in services of the information society and e-commerce. You can see more at Privacy Policy our Cookies Policy.

21 - What happens if I see the same Accommodation on another web page?

The MyTrips website ensures the minimum price or better price. This means that if a traveler has reserved an Accommodation and find exactly the same Accommodation, for the same dates and number of persons, at a lower price, should immediately send complaint to [email protected], with the subject "Complaint Best Price Guarantee". See our policy Best Price Guarantee.

22 - I don’t see my reservation registered at website MyTrips. What could have happened?

Do not worry. You made a reservation but is not registered in Website MyTrips in your reserved area. Send an email to [email protected] requesting information. Our team will help you and made a new reservation in the same condition and cancels the previous one.

23 - How can I open my traveler account in the website MyTrips?

In the upper right part of the MyTrips website homepage you will find a "Client Login" button. Click on it and you can create your account and access your information.

24 - I want to make an official complaint. How do I do?

After departure from your accommodation or terminated your experience, you may proceed to a complaint if in fact you needed. You should send an email to the subject "complaint" and the [email protected].

25 - I want to leave a comment about my Trip. How do I do?

After leaving the Accommodation, MyTrips provides a possibility for you to make a comment. Remember that the review should be constructively and with appropriate language, for MyTrips website has the right to remove any comment, which in only present opinion offensive or inappropriate language conditions. The comment is made through a form, very short and easy to fill out which will be available in your reserved area, more specifically in the Management Reserves. The goal is that all the information offered on our website is true and transparent so that travelers can make the best decision.

26 – I made my reservation but didn’t receive the email confirmation. What I do?

The MyTrips website is a platform that enables travelers to manage their reservations easily, quickly and effectively. Open your traveler account in our Private Area. There you will find confirmation of your reservation and you can print. If you can’t find it, please contact our services to: [email protected]

27 - How do I manage my reservations?

The MyTrips website has created a platform so that you can manage your reservations. In your reserved area, you can view and manage your reservations. You can also cancel (according to our policy of cancellation and no show) and will have historic information of your reservations made trough our website. In addition, you will be able to print the confirmation of your reservation that could facilitate in obtaining visas for your Trip. If you have any doubt, please contact our service to: [email protected]


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