1 - I have to pay for advertise at MyTrips?


Whether you are an Owner of the Accommodation or Experiences, you don´t need to pay for advertise, we offer the opportunity to publish your Property or your Experiences, free of charge.


2 - How do I manage my business more efficiently?


At MyTrips you have a reserved area where you can put and manage your information and your Property. You can adjust your offer in order to achieve better performance for your business. You don't need our permission to alter, amend or improve your offer. You can do it free and immediately. You can control your business and still get a good profit.


3 - Its complex to put my offer published at MyTrips?


MyTrips was thought to be the most intuitive and easy to work. The information was organized in a very simple way to allow you to have an improved vision for managing your business. You decide the price, availability in a simple and intuitive way.


4 - How do I get more Customers?


MyTrips is present at one of the greatest Experiences and Accommodation markets. To be published in our website gives you a greater visibility on this Market.


5 - How the website MyTrips work?


The business model is transparent and secure! To list your offer at MyTrips website it's free. We don't have any cost to the Owner. You will only have to pay a commission, if there are really bookings made through MyTrips website.


6 - The website MyTrips is important for me?


You can control your bookings and receive the payment of your clients (they paid directly to the Hotel, we don't receive money from them), and the invoice of our fee is only send after the service performed.


7 - How will I get results?


If you listed your offer in our website your market grew, now your market will be all those who are or will visit your region.


8 - How do I register my Property?


Registration is done in a very simply way. Contact details and registration are required for an email box that will be used whenever necessary to communicate with the Owner. Please see: List your Property 


9 - Reserves are immediate and don´t require confirmation?


Reserves generated by MyTrips website are immediate, doesn’t require confirmation by the Owner. The Owner doesn’t have to waste time to give response, which mostly don't generate reserves.


10 - How is the reservation?


When the reservation is made by the Traveler, the website MyTrips sends an e-mail message (email) to the Accommodation or to the Experience Owner. Also make a registration at the reserved area of the Property Owner.


11 - What is included in the Total Amount of the Reserve?


Total value of the reserve, that is the amount that traveler must pay to the Hotel and should include the VAT and other taxes. Therefore, this tax cannot be charged separately and must be explicit in the bill. If there are other fees or expenses attributed to the traveler (like tourist tax or the provision for water, electricity, gas, etc, for example) should be specified in the condition of the offer. If they aren’t the Hotel cannot charged that amount.


12 - I want to publish my Accommodation in MyTrips. What are the conditions?


Working with MyTrips has no cost to the Owner. Our fee is calculated over the value of the total amount of the reserve, and we only charge the Hotel if the reserve take place. Therefore, be present in our website will increase the visibility of your Accommodation or Experience and have no cost for you.

The MyTrips website provides a reserved area where you can manage your information to the internet market. Also, do not need to work exclusively with us. You can be listed without any other obligation or exclusivity.


Reservations are immediate, the MyTrips website was thought to be the most efficient at the market, so the traveler doesn't have to be waiting for the confirmation, the availability or the price, nor the Owner have to waste time to respond for availability requests. In the reserved area the Owners can efficiently manage their offers, both in price and availability.


If you are interested in publishing your Accommodation at MyTrips, please go to the Property register and create your account. If you have any questions regarding the collaboration or conditions, you can write to [email protected]


13 - Should I accept all of MyTrips reserves?


Yes. At MyTrips we work with immediate reservations, without availability requests. The website has been designed to be the most efficient as possible in managing your reserves.


As the recurring complaint of our travelers, we made the reservation immediate. If after a reservation the Hotel make a cancellation. We work hard to improve this point and for such a cancellation imply a cost in terms of management and very high reputation. In case of a Hotel don’t accept a reservation, should respond to paragraph 17.


14 - What happens if the Hotel doesn’t accept a reservation?


The MyTrips website has been designed to efficiently improve the REVPAR of the Accommodation units. Thus, the aim is in that case of overselling (overbooking) the Accommodation unit achieves a peak efficiency of its offer. To do this, you can choose to place and to replace a certain category of Accommodation booked an alternative Accommodation but always superior. You can achieve better levels of occupation and better levels of satisfaction for your guests.

The Hotel shouldn’t cancel any reservation. In the case of decide not accept a reservation from MyTrips website; it shall immediately communicate the situation to our services, by email to [email protected]. In any case, shouldn’t be put in touch with the Traveler.


These are the consequences of not accepting a reservation:


• Once the Owner communicate that doesn’t accept a reservation, MyTrips shall collect the agreed commission. If the Hotel put an alternative Accommodation with higher quality than reserved;


• If the Owner contacts the Traveler and not MyTrips, you are violating the agreement between the MyTrips website and Accommodation and therefore no longer be part of our sales network;


• In any case, the non-acceptance of a reservation will have a negative affect at the position in the search results on the website. Regular synchronization of the calendar will assume a bonus in the search results.


For repeat offenders acceptance or cancellation of reservations, the MyTrips website reserves the right to permanently delete the unity of its publication. If the reason for a reservation not be accepted due to a demonstrated serious incidence, MyTrips review the case in detail and the Owner can be exempted from any payment. MyTrips reserves the right to cancel the collaboration with an Owner at any time, always demanding that reservations already completed to date to carry out.


15 - How MyTrips calculate the Commission?


At the end of each month MyTrips makes the accounting of all reservations that had the Check-Out in that month, within the period from the first day of the month (day 1) and the last day of the month. All those reserves which are in this condition are considered to the calculating of the commission and subsequent invoice.


16 - When the Invoice is made?


The invoice is made with the last day of each month and will be sent by electronic mail (email). It should be paid until the last day of the following month.


17 - When I receive the invoice, can I check the amount?


After received the Invoice the Owner can verify if the information is correct, by consulting the information in the reserved area. On the section "Management Reserve" will be all the information about the sales on the month. The Owner can check if everything is correct.


18 - What is the period that I have to make the invoice payment?


It is considered the Invoice maturity in the end of the following month. Thus, the Owner can pay the invoice by bank transfer (for account and Bank indicated in the respective invoice) by the end of this month.


19 – If I had a question about some reservation that I received. What I have to do?


For questions about an incoming reservation, send us an e-mail to: [email protected]


20 - I need to modify the information of my offer. How should I do?


At any time you can modify the information of your offer. The conditions or the state of your Accommodation or Experiences can be modified or updated directly in your reserved area. If you need our help, send us an e-mail to: [email protected]