The MyTrips lets you advertise your Spa, and it will be visible not only for yours guests but also to all those who visit your region.


Find travelers for your Spa!

Mytrips can help you!


1 - To be present in a market with millions of users


Your Spa will be visible to all those who through our website look for one in your area. From the most modest Spa to most exclusive, users worldwide can get accurate information about your.


2 - No registration costs, subscriptions or fixed costs


Register your Spa on Mytrips is completely free. We not charged you for subscription or registration cost.


3 - Transparent model based on commissions on what really sells


Customers pay directly to you, they don’t need to wait for payment. Each month will be sent an invoice of our commission, based on the sales performance of the reservations of your Spa for the month.


4 - Allows disclose multiple services on the same property


We are the first website that allows disclosure simultaneously several services of its business units. For example, if you own a Hotel, a Restaurant and Spa, you can advertise the Hotel, the SPA services and the menu of the restaurant. Getting travelers in your area able to decide between the various Spas, spas and Hotels, and choose yours.


5 - Having the opportunity to sell your Spa with or without your Accommodation


More than 4 million nights and experiences are reserved for internet every week. The MyTrips offers a website easy to use and secure, which allows it to this market, optimizing their revenues with lower costs.


6 - Your customers will be many more


The management of the reservations of your Spa is made simple and intuitive, allowing customers see and choose make an reservation to you. Your visibility will become much higher.